Open the Tasks sheet to enter the tasks you would like to categorize. Log into Smartsheet, and click Use Template Set to access the Individual Productivity Hub template set and add it to your Sheets folder. In 1989, Stephen Covey repackaged Eisenhower’s concept as the Time Management Matrix and popularized it in a worldwide bestseller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

eisenhower matrix examples

So these are the items you’ll want to schedule work for a later time. Then, have team members categorize their tasks using the matrix, placing each task in the appropriate quadrant based on its level of importance and urgency. It is important to be consistent in your categorization of tasks. If you consistently categorize tasks based on their level of importance and urgency, you will be better able to prioritize your time and efforts.

How can the Eisenhower matrix improve your time management

And with a simple workload view, leaders have a clear visualization of the workload assigned to each team member during a selected time frame. As a full-time manager, Directors of Product must delegate to succeed, not to mention ensuring that the goals, vision, and objectives are clear to everyone on their team. An Eisenhower Matrix may assist in how they allocate their time to maintain a high-performing product team.

eisenhower matrix examples

That way, you can both hold yourself accountable for completing the task by the time you’ve set, as well as monitor your progress versus the timescale. It’s important to keep in mind that balancing your Eisenhower Matrix does not mean placing the same amount of tasks in each box. Instead, it’s about deciding which quadrant you want to dedicate the most amount of time to. Ideally, you’ll spend very little time on not important and not urgent, or not important and urgent tasks. The Eisenhower Matrix is a simple four-quadrant diagram for structuring your tasks in order of importance and urgency. Named after its creator, President Dwight Eisenhower, the matrix has been used by corporations and individuals to boost productivity for decades.

How to Create an Eisenhower Matrix in Smartsheet

We’ll continue with the regional hospital for this last example. An annual patient satisfaction survey is somewhat important for the hospital. The hospital doesn’t have to conduct the survey themselves; they hire a company to do it for them, meaning they delegate the task. The survey definitely doesn’t have to be done today or tomorrow. This is often the most challenging quadrant when it comes to time management. To what extent are you able to say ‘no’, to not let yourself be led by what you ‘have to’ do and to look for alternative solutions.

  • Urgent-important tasks are those that require immediate attention.
  • Often, urgent matters come with clear consequences for not completing these tasks.
  • The aim of ABC analysis is therefore to prioritize daily tasks within a to-do list in order to efficiently complete projects over a day.
  • Begin by identifying your goal, listing all jobs, classifying tasks by urgency and importance, and eliminating trivial tasks.

Covey’s framework, like Ike’s, eliminates time-wasters and creates space to focus and accomplish what’s important. President Dwight Eisenhower developed the concept behind the Eisenhower Matrix. He employed the prioritization method to manage high-risk issues as a Supreme Allied Commander of NATO Forces during WWII and the 34th President of the United States. Using ClickUp Whiteboards is a fantastic way for expert teams to not only create and share Eisenhower Matrices but also keep everyone in sync. The Whiteboard feature offers a versatile canvas, allowing team members to collaborate in real-time.

The final quadrant contains items and activities that are not in any way important or urgent. They have very little to no long-term benefit for your career, life, or health. Some examples could be channel surfing in the afternoon, gossiping at work, mindlessly browsing the Internet, and similar. For instance, if a person puts off eating eisenhower time management matrix healthy for years because other things get in the way, health complications like obesity or diabetes will suddenly make it an urgent priority. Or, if you don’t create a financial plan for the following year, you might suffer serious consequences such as accumulating debts, overspending, no money for emergencies, and similar.

It sounds like a lot, but by applying the matrix, she knows where her priorities are and how to work around changes to her plans. Now that we’ve explained the urgent and important distinction, let’s see how they apply to tasks and activities. To-do lists may serve as a perfect solution for recognizing and reminding yourself of what you are working for — money, security, career, providing for the family. After you create a detailed list (or lists) of the tasks at hand, you’ll have a deeper understanding of such tasks — their importance and urgency. Half the workers were reminded to pay attention to the payoff of each task. The Eisenhower Matrix has two key elements that are sometimes missing from other time management tools.